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person's true love for world

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The house where I live is on the fifth floor. At this angle, it is neither high nor low. When the spring flowers are blooming, a nest of sparrows just hears it under the eaves. There are many semi-elegant and vulgar things in life. For example, take a sip of watermelon in the shade in the summer, smell the fragrant under the laurel tree in the autumn, and iron your feet in the old bathhouse in the winter. Let's not say the first two, but the latter is not something you can understand. In the old bathhouse, the head pool of water, grunts, and hot feet are the most vulgar and elegant. Vulgarity is its rough movements and physical language. Use a foot towel and dip the hot water in the big feet Go away. Hot people grin their teeth and grin, and they are happy and entertaining. At this time, "Ya" is a kind of inner peace, the body and mind are free to flow, and the water is flourishing, and the bathing is flourishing. In the past, there were dozens of large and small baths in the small town. There is a bath house in the city called "Ya Tang". At that time, it was very confusing. The bath house was obviously a vulgar place surrounded by smoke and tea, water mist, three teachings and nine streams, hee-ha-ha. Later I realized that the bathers were soaked and exhausted in the pool water for a day, and the skin was soothed with heat to drive off the cold. After taking a bath, they were relaxed and reborn, and afterwards they were elegant. Regarding the old bathhouse, Wang Zengqi said in "Cao Xiangkou" that the first day of the first month to the fifth day of the first month will not open, and there will be "chrysanthemum perfume" on the sixth day. Why is it "chrysanthemum perfume" instead of orchid perfume and osmanthus perfume? Mr. Wang said, "I have taken many baths in this bathhouse, and I have never smelled the smell of" chrysanthemum perfume ", but when I went in, I smelled a strong bathhouse smell. The smell of this bathhouse, Many people are willing to smell. "In Mr. Wang's eyes," Some people have a hot bath, they have to rub their backs Parliament Cigarettes, pinch their feet, pedicure, and ask the guys to call a bowl of shrimp lard with spring onion, and eat twice. Then I mumbled and drank a pot of strong tea, tilted my head, and fell asleep. I was eating a bowl of hot shrimp soup noodles, and it was really 'joyful like a fairy'. Some of the delights are mostly elegant and vulgar. Wang Anshi There is a poem, "Aoyama lice sitting, yellow birds chanting books." Spring is here, and the gentleman is sitting in the sun blowing hair, tickling, facing Qingshan, from time to time, he finds a few small lice from his body, watching the birds Flying in the sky, the beautiful taste in my heart can only be spoken with gentlemen Newport Cigarettes Coupons, not with lay people. Semi-vulgar and semi-elegant, half-literal and half-white; semi-modern and semi-classical; humming folk minor tunes, and singing beautiful sounds. In the early spring, I went to visit a friend. I know that my friends do n��t like the vulgarity of gifts, but care about the elegance of love. By the way, he folds a branch of waxy goose yellow and cold and fragrant scented plum blossoms to him by the side of the road. Even on the straw piles in the countryside, I fell asleep the same. Lu Xiaofa, whom I knew, was playing in the mountains. Several people stayed at the farmhouse at night and could not sleep enough. He slept on the floor. Lu Xiaofa said on WeChat, he He was a post-80s scholar, and he also said that he was a poet and a young critic. On one occasion, Xiaofa and I sat in the ancient town of Jiangnan to eat meat buns. When I came to the WeChat group, I said to a person Newport Cigarettes, come, come, eat buns! Ya is one side of the person, vulgar is the other side, just like the two sides of a piece of paper. It is vulgar to sit sideways, and it is vulgar to cross Erlang , A person who sits in an upright position and crosses two legs is half vulgar and elegant. A friend talked about it in the business field, and when he returned home, he still had to stink tofu and drink half a bowl of porridge. Ya is a coat. Vulgar is the heart, temper and nature Sex. A person's true love for worldly life cannot be pretended. There are all kinds of things in the world, so vulgar and refined? Some people regard Daya as vulgar; Daya. Elegant and vulgar, in each person's eyes, the standards are different. The ancients have "half-word poems", "half water, half mountain, half bamboo forest, half vulgar, half elegant, half red dust ... Drunk for a long time really saw all the elegant and vulgar.

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