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dent has benefited Dr. Li Zhengdao for a lifetim

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What prevents us from succeeding is often not the unknown difficulties on the way forward, but the so-called experiences that have occurred in our lives. They often serve as a mindset that influences our judgment and also kills us. Fresh ideas one by one. Therefore, when we are doing things, striving to break through our own experience model and developing our own path have become the key to our success. The baby tiger shark was born in the sea, and it has become accustomed to the way of survival in the sea. Whenever he is hungry, the little tiger shark will try to find his own food in the sea. Although sometimes it takes some effort to enjoy delicious food, the little tiger shark finds it worthwhile. Sometimes tiger sharks have to chase fish for a long time to hunt for food. But as the tiger shark's experience grows, this matter is no longer a problem for it Cigarettes For Sale, and some small setbacks will not cause confusion for the tiger shark. Go to the research center. Small tiger sharks kept in artificial fish ponds, although not free, do not worry about food. Because researchers regularly send food to the pool. One day, researchers put a large piece of glass into the pool, dividing the pool in half, and the little tiger shark couldn't see the glass. The researchers put the live fish to the other side of the glass. After the researchers, such as the tiger tiger shark, lowered the fish, they rushed over Online Cigarettes, hitting the glass, dizzy with pain, and ate nothing.
The little tiger shark didn't believe in evil, waited for a few minutes, spotted a fish, and rushed over again. This time it hurt and almost fainted. After taking a ten-minute break, the tiger shark saw more accurately this time, staring at a bigger fish, and rushed over again. The situation did not change, and the tiger shark hit his mouth and bleed. Little tiger shark who couldn't figure out what happened was paralyzed in the pond. Finally, the little tiger shark took a final breath, rushed again, was still blocked by the glass, hit a whole body and flipped, the fish just couldn't eat. Little tiger shark gave up. The researchers came again, took the glass and put it in the fish. The little tiger shark looked at the mouthful of fish food, but did not dare to eat it. Even if all the fish swim to their mouths, the little tiger sharks are already hungry and their eyes are dim, but they still don't know what to do. In the end, the little tiger shark that has fallen into his own experience, staring at the fresh fish in front of himself, is starving. Dr. Li Zhengdao, a Chinese-American physicist, went to the United States for postgraduate studies in 1940. His tutor was Professor Fermi, a master physicist. Professor Fermi spends half a day discussing issues with Li Zhengdao every week. His main purpose is to train students to think independently about all issues, break through the experience of previous generations, and find new possibilities. Once, Fermi asked Li Zhengdao: "What is the temperature in the middle of the sun?" Li Zhengdao replied: "It is about 20 million absolute temperatures." Fermi asked: "How did you know?" Li Zhengdao said: "I It seems from the literature. "Fermi asked:" Have you ever counted yourself? "Li Zhengdao replied:" No, this digital textbook has been around for a long time, and everyone has been using it. "Fermi told Li Zhengdao : "As a scholar, this is not the case. You must think and calculate by yourself. You cannot accept people's experience like this." Li Zhengdao asked: "What should we do? There are two formulas here. They don't seem to be the most complicated. They really need to be It's not that simple. "Fermi said," Can you think of another way to calculate? "Li Zhengdao said," What way do you want? There is no big computer. "Professor Fermi was doing very important Physical experiment, but he put down the experiment in his hand and made a calculator with Li Zhengdao. Soon, the only calculator in the world dedicated to large calculations was completed. Li Zhengdao used his own calculator to calculate the temperature in the middle of the sun with his own innovative method, and this temperature was completely different from other people's calculations.
Li Zhengdao later said that Professor Fermi valued more than just doing such a calculation. He wanted students to understand that as a scientist, he could not easily accept the experience of others and had to experiment by himself. He also tried to use new methods Cheap Cigarettes. Seek new breakthroughs. This incident has benefited Dr. Li Zhengdao for a lifetime. In the future, no matter in academic research or life, he always insisted on down-to-earth, pioneering and innovating, and seeking breakthroughs is very simple. All outstanding successful people, all creation and discovery, must be the crystallization of innovation and breakthrough; Poor little tiger sharks will starve to death, and they will kill every life that seeks knowledge.
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