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and dogs. Although the two are separated, t

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After reading "Lessie the Spirit Dog", whenever I saw other dogs playing with their little owner on the square, I always had in my mind the good time that Joe and Lacey were together in the book, the depth between them Friendship and mutual trust moved me Marlboro Gold. The book mainly talks about the poor Sam's family raising a sheepdog named Lacey. She is a good companion of Sam's son Joe. Because the family was forced to make a living, their parents sold Lacey to a duke one day. Three escapes were returned, and the Duke transported Lacey from Grinall to Scotland. With the help of the Duke's granddaughter, Lacey embarked on a journey home again. She trudged and eventually returned home, her loyalty Touched her parents, she will never abandon her ever since. Dogs are human beings' most loyal friends. For the owner, they can fight each other. For the owner, they would rather not eat or drink. When the owner is sad, they will try their best to make the owner happy. When Joe learns that Lacey was sold Carton Of Cigarettes. When he fell, he begged his parents again and again to return to Lacey. When they reunited again, they were so happy and happy. When I read this, I had already burst into tears. Deep! Many times for Joe, Lacey tried to dig the soil and tried to escape from the cage. For Lacey, Joe left the house twice to run away. Lacey missed the warmth of home, missed the good time with Joe, and even went home. She is not afraid of any danger. She has a long way from Scotland to Grenoble. It is a persistence, loyalty and courage that allows her to cross the mountains and overcome difficulties, and finally miraculously returns to Grenoire. This is her A unique stubborn will, the beauty of life created by loyalty. When the fire of loyalty burned in her heart, she made up her mind to return to Joe and follow him, and Joe was waiting for her. Family love became her only motivation, and she realized that Joe needed her, and it was because of the power of loyalty that she returned to Joe and stayed with him to death. My grandfather once raised a golden retriever, and once met a cobra, in order to protect him, the golden retriever fought with the snake for life and death. In the end, his life was exchanged for the grandfather's peace. The dog is like the guardian god around the owner, always protecting the owner Depends on the life and death of the Lord mokingusacigarettes.com, and accompanies the master to his old age. In the end, like an evergreen tree, he always guards the master ��s soul. , With Joe and old, the relationship and friendship between them will never be disconnected. This book made me realize the relationship between people and dogs. Although the two are separated, the dog's loyalty will always live in The owner ��s heart, so please do n��t kill the dogs anymore. They are our friends and we should take care of them as well.

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