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Guan Guan �� Dove, in the river's continent. "Lady, gentleman ..." This is a scene often seen in costume dramas: a group of children shook their heads and read books in the school. I often point to the TV and ask, "Mom, why do they always read this sentence?" "My mother replied," This is the first book that all children in ancient times read, "the Book of Songs." In the summer vacation, my mother bought me a thick Book of Songs, saying that she would read with me Carton Of Cigarettes. At first, I read the Book of Songs with my mother, but I found it very awkward and uncomfortable. After reading it a few times with my mother, I found it hard! No interest at all. Later, when I fully understood these poems, After meaning, I feel that they are so beautiful. Although the text is concise and concise, it can depict a beautiful picture. When I read "The Peach Blossom, Burning its Blossom", I seemed to see one blossoming The beautiful peach blossoms are blooming brilliantly. When I read "Cang Cang Cang, Bai Lu is frost", I seemed to see a piece of green reeds by the river, and the dew in late autumn turned into hoar frost Newport Cigarettes. Every poem is exquisite Later, I was able to read the Book of Songs by myself. Slowly, I could understand the meaning of these poems. Slowly, I also knew what "wind, elegance, and praise" and "fu, comparison, and happiness" are. The Book of Songs makes extensive use of Parable rhetoric describes various life scenes. From the poems, I learned ancient people's stories about love, labor, war, and so on. For example, Guan Guan describes a man who pursues a vegetable Girl, "Peach Blossom" describes the scene of a woman getting married, and "Undressed" describes the scene of the soldier preparing to go out. Each poem is an interesting story. Now, I can recite the Book of Songs. "Qing Qing Ziyu, you are my heart Marlboro Lights, "" Wind and rain, Ming ", these poems are very interesting to read. I gradually understand the emotions to be expressed in poems, such as" Papaya me, papaya, It ��s good to have Qionghuan, to report to the bandit, and to always think it ��s okay, ��by describing giving gifts to each other to show respect for friendship; "", Through describing the scene of women picking plantains, expressing people's love of labor. I finally know why the Book of Songs has been circulating for so long, because it taught people a lot of truth and preached the truth The United States emotional "customs cock sing, in the River Island. "Lady, gentleman ...", I sat at the window and chanted Guan Guan again, as if I had returned to the ancient academy, shaking my head and listening to the Master teaching the Book of Song

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