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edicine, drink a few more day

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Will you write your letter pretending, will you bother your work and lead time back to twelve years ago? Of course mokingusacigarettes.com, if time really falls back twelve years, I am still under one year old, and I am still a child with a babble. However, you still don't know who I am? This is not important, as long as I know you is enough. The reason why I wrote this thank you letter is because I thank you for giving me 12 years of happy time. If I don��t say it in the future, it will make me love, cherish and love. do you know? Some people say that you are like a clock, a small and old clock, when you turn a big grid, it will pass like this in a month. After you turn twelve big grids, spring, summer, autumn and winter, a long year will slip away under your light body. I was born in 2005, when you are afraid that you have turned hundreds of millions of laps! However Online Cigarettes, you have gone through so many spring, summer, autumn and winter, experienced so many winds, frosts and snows, have seen so many lives and deaths, why should I have a big joke with just being born, then young? Do you know that when my mother gave birth to me, it was difficult to produce, bleeding, and almost, my mother and I died on the operating table; almost, I will never see this beautiful world again; almost, I will never again I can't feel the warmth of the family; almost, I will always lose the person who loves me the most in my life, my mother. Time flies, some people say that you are so abominable, happy days are always so fast Cigarettes For Sale, painful days are always extended indefinitely; others say that you are so beautiful, always bring rainbow after the storm, always Give hope in desperation. what about me? What should I say about you? thank you? Thank you for letting me through the hardships of my birth, so that I can cherish the happy life in the future. Hate you? I hate that you are clearly controlling everything, but you still have to see that I am struggling on the line of life and death, slowly sinking in pain? Still hope? I hope that you can go quickly, hurry, so that the pain will pass soon, let the dawn of that life shine on me soon? how about you? What do you think? I think you must be jealous; why didn't you take the pain away from me earlier, because it made me a happy six-year happy life. Maybe you are really embarrassed. In the six years since then, I have never had a sickness except for a few small colds. Even those small colds, it is good to take medicine. Sometimes I don��t even have to take medicine, drink a few more days. Water, the cold has passed. In the past six years, my mom and dad have been following me all the time, and my family is healthy and healthy. Looking back now, I really feel that I am so happy for six years. I want you to reverse back to the past! It was a pity that I was still young and didn't know how to cherish it. I just wanted to let you hurry up and hurry. I grew up so quickly - I don't know how many troubles I have when I grow up. I still remember the first time I wanted to let you go slowly. When I was going to
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